2018 team

Lisa Jeffery

I am a chartered marketer, photographer and tea maker. Interests include creativity, communication and shared value creation. I am passionate about learning and using design and technology to help people connect, collaborate and innovate for social good. After spending many years crisscrossing the creative, corporate and charity sectors, I am currently working in the higher education sector. My first jam was in 2014, and my first Global JamJam was in 2016. Jamming is always a fun experience and a super-effective way to ‘learn by doing’. When I’m not working, reading or jamming, I can probably be found messing about on my bike or rambling across the moors! @lisajjeffery

Marie Cheung

I am a Service Designer at the Department for Work and Pensions. I am passionate about designing engaging and meaningful experiences for people. When I’m not trying to help make services better in government, you will find me hiking, rock climbing or playing board games. I love jamming because it’s fun, energising and a great way to meet new people while learning about and applying service design. I first jammed in Vancouver in 2014, hosted jams in Glasgow from 2015-2016 and now helping out the jams in Leeds! I love jams. @mariecheungsays

Emma Harvey

I fell into digital in ’98 after being tempted by an agency job ad that listed flower arranging as one of the responsibilities. I’ve been privileged to work as Client Services Director at one of the north’s largest digital agencies, and as Managing Director at Numiko, a respected boutique agency. I’ve had many different job roles but the core theme has always been translating user and organisational needs into a solution. I now run Hozho, working as a consultant offering support for organisations building digital services, helping with both the ‘what’ and ‘how’; and am currently helping NHS Digital to build an experience design function within their Digital Delivery Centre. @em606

Si Wilson

I’ve twenty years experience designing and making things, and many years leading and managing teams and departments. I’ve been lucky through my career to work a whole slew of good stuff, most recently at HMRC and NHS Digital. I am currently helping DWP design people-centred digital services. I think jams are a great opportunity for people to try designing, learning about needs, designing services, making something that tests those thoughts – and getting out to speak to potential users of the service. The safe space of the jams where participants are encouraged to not worry, to learn, to have a go, and to get out and explore their ideas is a great opportunity, one I love helping facilitate with my fellow volunteers. @ermlikeyeah

Rebecca Mendoza

I am Californian born and raised but I’ve been living and working in York for over 5 years. I’m currently the digital inclusion officer for a charity and most of my work involves helping people get to grips with the digital world. I got my first taste of jams (pun intended) last year and went to both Leeds Service Jam and Leeds Gov Jam. Since then I’ve done as much as I can to apply my jam skills and human-centred design principles into my work—often dragging colleagues along on the adventure with me. Outside of work I play rugby, study languages and am a member of the Rotary Club of York but my greatest passions are travel, food and the great outdoors.

Get involved as a volunteer

To make Leeds Service Jam a success we encourage different kinds of people to get involved. You don’t have to be a designer. This event is for everyone.

You need to:
• be up for a challenge and fun
• be open to new ways of thinking/doing
• be open to working and learning with others
• be comfortable with ambiguity
• want to collaborate and share ideas in a group
• be interested in how services can be designed better
• be happy to experiment and make mistakes
• bring your creative hat – everyone has one

We are inclusive: anyone who wants to help make services better is welcome. 

If you are interested, let us know. Get in touch


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