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Where did Global Service Jam start?

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The service design community is growing globally. It is a discipline capturing both business and public sector alike. There are service design networks and events around the world spreading the idea. One of the highlights of the annual Service Design Conference in Berlin last October – Service Design Network – was the ‘Theatrical Tools in Service Design’ workshop. When faced with such a rich variety of workshops at a large conference you are often spoilt for choice and can feel undecided as to which workshop you should attend. On this occasion the squeaks of rubber chickens, placed around the conference venue, picked up, carried around and of course… squeaked, cut across people’s thinking and consciousness. Designing services can be fun? – these silly chickens definitely set the tone. If you ask any/all that attended, the workshop did not disappoint. The message of the workshop seemed to be ‘designing in your fun/game/play mode frees you up and is a catalyst to design and problem solving and making better services’. See our blog on the workshop Beyond Roleplay.

So a few months later when we saw the Global Service Jam was announced and we saw who was behind it… we could not resist. Who are we talking about? I hear you ask. The two creative trouble makers/initiators of Global Servcie Jam are the amazing Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence from Work•Play•Experience, Nuremberg, Germany.
Seen here at the Finland Winter School Service Design Workshops.

Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence | Photo by:

So Nuremberg, Germany is the birthplace and headquarters of the Jam and in a matter of weeks has spread around the world… over 40 cities on the map.

If you’d like to know more about Markus &  Adam’s story check out the About Us page
on the Global Service Jam HQ site.

Many of us have had a chance to read, talk and learn about different approaches to problem solving and idea brainstorming… but for Service Design Thinking this is a chance to stop talking and try out ‘learning by doing’. You won’t regret it. So spread the word
and join us for Global Service Jam, Leeds.

Squeak Squeak!


Service Design Techniques: Beyond Roleplay

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Service Design Workshop: Beyond Roleplay

The driving force behind Global Service Jam, Adam Lawrence and Markus Hormess from Work• Play • Experience ran a workshop called Beyond Roleplay at the annual Service Design Network Conference in Berlin.  Beyond Roleplay Workshop
Filmed by: Snook

This is just one of the many Service Design Techniques we can consider using when
it comes to Global Service Jam | Leeds. We are putting a list of different techniques together for the event, that we would all be able to consider and share.

We need you…
If you are an actor/actress and are interested to look at getting involved with
Global Service Jam Leeds let us know.