We need you…

To make the Leeds Service Jam a success we would love
lots of different kinds of  people to get involved.

If this sounds interesting to you…
No. 1: You don’t have to be a designer!

This event is for everyone.
You need to:
• be up for a challenge and a bit of fun
• be open to new ways of thinking/seeing
• be open to working and learning with others
• be comfortable with ambiguity
• want to collaborate and share ideas in a group
• be interested in how services can be designed better
• be happy to experiment and make mistakes
• bring your creative hat – everyone has one!

So… You could be a business manager, entrepreneur, city planner, project manager, social entrepreneur, marketeer, developer, geek, community champion, actor, journalist, brand consultant, accountant (yes we welcome all), nurse, doctor, vicar, receptionist, cleaner, chef, shop assistant, retail manager, lecturer, museum curator, bus conductor, train driver, bank clerk, grocer, coffee barista, waiter, security manager, police officer, newsagent, cyclist, taxi driver…

But of course you could also be… a designer, creative, interaction design, graphic designer, product designer, architect, interior designer, printer, photographer, film director, artist, dancer, musician…

We are inclusive… so anyone who wants to help make services better is very welcome.
You never know what we might discover together.

So if you are interested… let us know
Get in touch!


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