Leeds Service Jam Terms and Conditions

Leeds Service Jam is part of the Global Service Jam 2018. 

We ask all participants to confirm that they understand the following terms and conditions:

1. Creative Commons License

Everything created during the jam will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License.

2. All materials can be used for demonstration

All materials made at the Global Service Jam can be used for demonstration and lecture at conferences, schools or industry venues with the expressed discretion of the Global Service Jam and Work Play Experience.

3. No pre-made content

The Global Service Jam prohibits the use of pre-made content (this includes graphic de-
signs, processes, models, audio, program code, etc.) unless it was publicly available at least a month prior to the service jam. Please also make sure that if you use pre-made content you use content with an appropriate license (CC or public license).

4. Be careful with your stuff!

We will try very thoroughly to keep the Jam a safe place, but we do not take any responsibility in case of theft, loss, or damage of any goods you bring along.

5. Have fun!

GSJ Leeds is part of the Global Service Jam. The GSJ is an initiative of Work Play Experience, is designed to be fun, and we are trying to keep things simple. The best rule of thumb is that teams should not illegally exploit others’ intellectual property, and that in turn, everything we create becomes part of the public domain. Participants agree by their participation in the Global Service Jam that they will hold no-one liable for any loss or damage.

6. Smile!

While in the Jam, you give permission to GSJLeeds to make pictures and/or videos of yourself in the context of the Service Jam, and to make use of them for promotional purposes.

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