The Last of the 2019 Jam

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Getting hands-on at Leeds Service Jam 2019

Wow, what a jam! Leeds Service Jam has been and gone, and we miss it already! A fabulous group of jammers took part from different parts of the country and with different backgrounds. For some, it was their first exposure to jamming and to service design, for others it was a welcome return to the familiar.

Our jammers affinity mapping theme ideas

We twin-jammed with Ghent and Dundee, we did the Show Don’t Tell dance to A Little Less Conversation in our dance-off with Ghent, we ideated, we researched, we prototyped, we shared, we drank tea and we learned.

Kicking off a debrief with post-its over dinner

The volunteer organisers (it’s all run by volunteers) went out for a celebratory meal, but of course you can’t have a jar of jammers (just invented that collective noun) without post-it notes, so we had a bit of a retrospective and agreed on things we will improve next time. We are so thankful for the venue, the catering, the sponsors, everyone who helped shared and retweeted, and the fabulous jammers who took part – to you all: THANKYOU.

See you next time!

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