Twin Jam = Global Fam :)

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We are excited to welcome this blog from uber-jammer Marie Cheung!

The Global Service Jam embraces the connection between fellow jam participants all over the world who are all service designing during the exact same weekend. What better way to connect than to twin jam with another fellow jam?

Last year, Leeds Service Jam twin jammed with Glasgow Service Jam, Singapore Service Jam and Liverpool Service Jam and it was amazing to see the diverse ideas and likewise, the similar ideas that were produced by jam teams from close and afar. We are influenced by the culture and society of the place we live, work and study in, so it’s interesting to see how we come up with these ideas to solve real world problems. We also learn from each other and share similar challenges we face when making sure we having a solid idea, how we can do better user researching and prototyping.

(Glasgow Service Jam)

(Liverpool Service Jam)

Twin jamming also provides a great opportunity to get fun and creative by coming up with fun dance challenges (such as the ‘Shake It Off’ dance-off a few years ago) or to create polls and tweets with questions on Twitter to gain further user research insights with other jammers. We make invaluable connections and we get this shared sense of achievement with our counterparts from across the world because we feel we are all doing something amazing, fun and worthwhile – together.

(Singapore Service Jam)

This year, Ghent Service Jam and Leeds Service Jam are joining forces to create a truly connected experience for our jammers. We look forward to getting inspired, learning from one another and supporting each other throughout the weekend! Yay to #twinjamming!

Marie Cheung is a Service and User Experience Designer and and experienced and committed jammer. You can follow her at

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