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I went to Gov Jam in 2017 with some people from work. I knew about service design already, but it was really great to be able to try out some new techniques and skills in a ‘safe’ environment. Over the two days I learned loads of things I use all the time. Going to an event where the consequences of something not going well would only last for a few days felt like bliss!

Talking about research findings with my team at GovJam

I offered to help organise the Jam because I believe there is a lot of benefit to Service Jams. They bring people together to look at something which could be better.

I’ve taken on a slightly more removed role than other people, I’m working with the rest of the volunteer team to coordinate the Jam, but I don’t have a lot of active responsibility.

Volunteering to help plan the Service Jam has fitted well around my personal life, which has been busier than I expected. I’m hoping by the time the Jam comes around I’ll be getting my hands stuck in a bit more! Remote planning sessions have been great for being able to join while I’ve been busy.

We’re looking for some people to help us out on the weekend of the Service Jam, volunteers are what make the Jam such an amazing event. We need mentors who have jammed before and people who can help with the logistics over the weekend. If you think you’d like to help, you can apply using the form below:


By Jo Arthur

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