Getting stuck into the Jam

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After Leeds GovJam 2018 I was so enthused that I volunteered straight away to get involved in the 2019 jam.  I didn’t really know what I was getting into, it just looked like something I wanted to do.

With my team at Leeds GovJam 2018

It’s been a great experience and learning curve so far.  I’m working with a great team of people (only one of whom I’d met before), undertaking tasks I’ve never done before.

I volunteered to help with communications and am looking after the website and the Eventbrite page.  Although this context is new to me, I have done a lot of event management through past work and volunteering.  I’m hoping to update and upgrade that experience.

We are using Trello, WhatsApp and Zoom for our communications – none of which I had ever used before!  I’ve been nervous muddling through, but the other volunteers have been supportive and offered me advice, so volunteering for Service Jam has had the additional benefit of helping me develop my digital skills!

The fortnightly meetings are held either in person in a local coffee shop, or virtually using Zoom.  We meet in the evening and I look forward to the meetings – they are fun, but very productive.  Everyone gets a chance to speak, and we get things done.

If you fancy getting involved, contact us via this form

by Karen Thornton

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