Leeds Service Jam Volunteers – The Key Ingredient

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It’s been great joining the volunteer team for Service Jam – welcoming group with a great range of skills and experience, already learnt so much and the vibe ahead of the event in March is fun and energetic (just like my first Jam experience!). Like any volunteering opportunity, there’s a lot to get to grips with and working with motivated people is always helpful when trying to juggle work/family commitments. Full details about how to volunteer will follow soon.

It feels like there’s a changing of the guard happening this year as those of us new to running a Jam take the baton from those who have already given so much of their time and energy to it. It’s a big responsibility ensuring we stay on track and deliver a fantastic experience for the new Jammers who will be joining us – I think we all want to make sure you get as much from the Jam as we all evidently did!

Karen is doing an excellent job running our communications and Eventbrite (second batch of tickets about to go live!) and Salma’s enthusiasm for social media is infectious – keeping us on our toes with requests for content. Saul and Jo are co-ordinating the team and Sharons’ experience of running previous Jams is proving essential as we navigate the first few bumps in the road…

I’ve picked up juggling finance and sponsorship so please get in touch on Twitter if you would like to discuss the opportunity to get involved – GovCamp have very kindly provided us with a grant again to kick us off, check out their main Un-conference activities here.

One of the best things for me has been the use of tech solutions like Trello and Zoom video conferencing – I’ve used both before but being able to contribute to something as complex (and global) as Service Jam has developed both my own use of those platforms and my understanding of how to help others use them to their full potential.

Looking forward to seeing how the Jam takes shape and the team helps each other overcome the challenges ahead – also excited to meet new people at the Jam and enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas once you’ve dived into Service Design!

Twitter: @ewanthrivelab

By Ewan Muirhead

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