Freshly Picked Volunteers Pumping up the Jam!

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Blog by Salma Afzal and Karen Thornton

We are all super excited and counting down the days for  Leeds Service Design Jam 2019. Please save the date 29 – 31 March 2019, for 48 hours of making things, trying out different experiments, learning, creativity and innovation in a fun and safe environment. Tickets will be going live soon, we don’t want you to miss out!

The brilliant thing about the Global Service Jam is not-for-profit and is run by volunteers with the support of sponsors. No one owns it and anyone can set one up! As a set of volunteers we have diverse backgrounds to bring to the Jam, with different types of skills and strengths (you  can read more about us –Volunteers).

 After work, we’ve been spending our time either in the morning before or in evening after work in  our favourite meeting place at Laynes Expresso Leeds, for face to face meetings. This has proved to work extremely well, in the initial planning stages, to bond together as a team and learn from experienced Jammers/Hosts.  The Jam is helping us build upon, share and develop our existing skills around project, event management and financial planning, managing our work around fortnightly sprints.

We’ve also recognised that alongside our day jobs we  have other responsibilities and have tried to be as inclusive as possible. To ensure we include those who are unable to attend face to face meetings, so that we are working as one team.

Karen and Salma use the Service Jam Trello board to plan the Jam at a local coffee shop.

We’ve set up a volunteers code of conduct on how we will work and support each other working in an open, inclusive and transparent way. The main tools, we are using to collaborate are Google docs, Whatsapp, Zoom and Trello.  At the end of each planning  meeting, we’ve been seeking feedback on what went well and how we can improve for our next fortnightly meeting.

Using Zoom was an amazing experience across locations, we have even included a degu and a cat on a call! The great thing about using open tools, was that whilst on the call, we were able to run through the Trello board, update/set actions as well as create a agenda on Google docs and we could all see updates on our screens. We used three devices,  Macbook, Ipad and Android phone meaning we could involve people with different kinds of digital skills and devices, from the comfort of our homes or hotel rooms. We are loving our evening meetings from 7.30 to 8.30! Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, everyone is welcome. We hope you can join us at the jam!

Book now at Eventbrite:

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