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Leeds Service Jam is a part of the Global Service Jam. A not-for-profit ‘learning by doing’ event connecting people around the world. Jams are about having fun and play with a purpose. They are about innovation, collaboration and problem-solving around a global theme.

Over 48 hours, Jam participants (Jammers) form teams and learn about service design by doing it. There is a focus on action which helps move everyone through the creative design process. This includes researching problems and prototyping solutions inspired by the global theme. It also means exploring design tools and methods through ‘doing not talking’. Prototypes get tested on real people, providing feedback to improve the service. On the final day of the Jam, prototypes get shown and shared online with the global community.

There are many benefits of joining a Jam. Supported by volunteer mentors, you can develop service design skills and gain experience. You can explore ways of problem-solving that you can apply in your workplace or use in everyday life. You can meet new people, learn about teamwork and work to a tight deadline. You can become more open, innovative and human centred.

It’s a great experience. You can’t learn this stuff from a book’ – Paul, Jammer, Leeds Service Jam 2017.

Thanks to our fabulous 2018 sponsor UKGovcamp and venue host ODI Leeds, Leeds Service Jam takes place from 6pm on Friday 9 March to 4pm on Sunday 11 March.

Book now to join us at Leeds Service Jam 2018

Leeds Service Jam

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