What happens after the Jam?

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We were asked this week… “What happens after Global Service Jam?”
It’s a good question and something we hadn’t really focussed on.
Here’s an attempt at an answer…

Service Design Leeds aims to share learning and explore ideas around Service Design in the city and the north of England, for both public and private sectors. A few of us have
taken up the challenge of Global Service Jam, to give the city an opportunity to try out service design, to learn by doing.

If we go into the Jam thinking of what may happen afterwards it may limit what actually happens at the event. Global Service Jam is an open and experimental space…
so we are suspending the everyday situations/thinking with the aim of creating something new and creating a shared learning together. It will be an opportunity to make new connections both locally and globally, public and private sector… and with that kind of offer, who knows what may happen? It will be created by the group of jammers that attend…

Service Design Leeds will be collecting the outputs and following things up afterwards.
We have a hunch of what we personally would like to do… but we don’t want that to quash anything that may naturally happen at the event. So what ever will be will be… but I know we are very excited and are keeping connected with other innovation groups in the city.


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