Service Design Techniques: Sketching

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Wall of Sketches from a Workshop: Orange UK
Visualising intangibles and sketching is a very facilitative part of  Service Design.
Many clients sit back in awe when a designer starts sketching/doodling and visualising what is being said in a meeting… but we aim to make sketching/doodling accessible to all.

By enabling everyone to make their ideas visual, you make the idea easier to share in a group and more quickly understood. Sharing an idea in a group, can then develop the idea more quickly and help it grow or help create new and better ideas.

Sketching Resources:
01 There are a few books you might like to take a look at:
• Sketching User Experience Bill Buxton
• The Back of a Napkin: Selling Ideas with Pictures Dan Roam
• Visual Meetings: How Graphics, Sticky Notes and
Idea Mapping can transform group productivity David Sibbet

02 Live|Work are known for their sketch sheets, giving you a starting drawing to then develop and add detail to. This helps get people going and soon enough people then ask for blank paper as they grow in confidence and think beyond the boundaries of what is put infront of them.

Still not convinced this is going to make a difference at all?
Try this out…
which of the following to you understand first?

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